Dr. John Harris, a medical doctor from Cincinnati, settled in Bainbridge in the mid-1820's. In the fall of 1827, he began teaching classes for those who wished to study "preparatory" to entering a medical college. The following spring, his advertisements emphasized his interest in dentistry, a specialty he favored in both practice and instruction.

The school Dr. Harris founded was short lived. By 1830 he had moved to nearby Chillicothe, abandoning his practice and leaving behind a group of nine students. Although small, this group played an important role in the future of dental education. Two of the students went on to form the first two dental colleges in the United States. Thus, the Dr. John Harris Dental Museum has been designated "The Cradle of Dentistry."

Dr. Harris' home and the site of instruction for the original class stands preserved today as a landmark in the history of dentistry and as a listing on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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